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Selected Work : AquaFirm Identity

Interline Brands
  • Art Direction
  • Identity
  • Package Design + Production

Aqua Firm is a newly developed private label brand that offers quality plumbing repair products. The company's product offerings range from toilet flappers to water supply lines.

In designing the logo for Aqua Firm I chose to use a clean sans-serif typeface to try to set it apart from many of the other private label brand identities that used either large, chunky, or decorative fonts. I chose to play off "Aqua" in both my choice of colors and in developing an identifier for this brand. With the identifier I wanted to keep it simple, yet still convey an abstract sense of water.

The Aqua Firm packaging design needed to serve a dual purpose. It needed to be able to be displayed in retail hardware stores, but also function as a case for contractors that buy in bulk. With this goal in mind I designed the outer case box to be full color, playing up the Aqua Firm branding, making it more visually appealing while being displayed. Then I created a one-color label design for the individual items creating a more cost-effective option for per piece package printing.

Categories: Identity Design, Package Design