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Selected Work : Patton Security Products

Interline Brands
  • Art Direction
  • Identity
  • Production

The Patton identity was created for a private label brand of personal safes. When designing the logo I took into account the nature of the products offered under the Patton name and also the origin the of the brand's name itself. The name Patton was derived from the famous four star general and tank commander from WWII. The marketing team felt this name would invoke a sense of strength, durability, and dependability. With this in mind I chose a strong, bold font along with the four star element that would tie the name back to the famous general, creating a dominating identity for this brand. I chose a deep burgundy color that I felt had a nice contrast against the brushed metal that the nameplates were fabricated from. I also felt it was a nice complement to the color of the safes themselves.

Categories: Identity Design